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Two minor suggestions

From: Jacques Delsemme <jacques(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 18:59:07 GMT
1- When indexing, swish-e goes very fast at first, then slows down more 
and more, until it literally crawls when you have a lot of data to 
index.  It would be great to be have it report periodically on its use 
of system resources to be able to learn where the bottleneck is located.

2- When merging several files with swish-e, it seems that some of the 
information it keeps in the headers is lost.  For example, see:

	# SWISH-E format 1.1
	# Name: (no name)
	# Saved as: index-all.swish
	# Counts: 8081 files
	# Indexed on: 23/02/98 15:55:39 PST
	# Description: (no description)
	# Pointer: (no pointer)
	# Maintained by: (no maintainer)

I would prefer to see the information taken from the first merged file, 
for instance, maybe with the notation (MERGED) added to it, or else 
have a way to easily add the information separately (for instance, by 
using the -c flag to read the appropriate fields from a configuration 

- Jacques Delsemme (
  Workstation Support - CATS
  University of California
  Santa Cruz, CA 95064
  (408) 459-2642

PS: A thumbs up to the folks who have taken over the maintenance of 
this software!
Received on Mon Feb 23 19:07:39 1998