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Possible to index Java source files ?

From: Robert Kedoin <robk(at)not-real.Eng.Sun.COM>
Date: Thu Feb 12 1998 - 15:48:08 GMT
A few weeks ago I got swish-e running here on a departmental server.
Installation and configuration was very easy, thanks very much.

One of the things that we have here is a readable copy of our source
made available from one of our web servers, so I thought it would be a
good thing to have it indexed. It thought it would beat doing some
convulted grep.

Unfortunately, yesterday I found that it's not finding words like
classnames when they're seperated by a period. Is there some way to
configure what the word seperators should be on a per-index basis ? Or a
way to specify what the word seperators should be on a per
file-extension basis ?

Thanks in advance,

Rob Kedoin
Received on Thu Feb 12 07:56:37 1998