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Re: [SWISH-E:125] WORDCHARS oddity

From: Reino Va'inaste <reino(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 16:50:05 GMT
>	Why is WORDCHARS defined to contain the octal codes for capital
>	letters?  Why not simply put the capital letters themselves?

yes,  codes C0..DF (capital) and E0..FF (lovercase) are doubled

>	Is WORDCHARS case-sensitive?  The comment in config.h implies
>	it isn't.


if you use letters C0..FF, then

first of all you need modify  lower() function to handle properly lowercase
conversion (CD)x -->(EF)x 

and then  add these letters to  indexchars[ ]  and increase respect. MAXCHARS 

may be more

Gr-gs, Reino 

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