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From: John Coleman <john.coleman(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 20:53:30 GMT
Can someone explain the function of this define from config.h on


/* Normally, words within HTML comments are not assigned a higher
** relevance rank. If you're including keywords in comments
** define this as 1 so matching results will rise to the top
** of search results.

I've tried compiling both ways and don't see a difference.  Does swish
SEARCH comments if this is turned on?

My read of this explanation is that I can put <!---dog dog dog dog--> in a
document, and, all things being equal, that document will be first when I 
search dog?

John Coleman
Yale University Library Systems
130 Wall St.
New Haven, CT 06520 USA
Received on Wed Jan 28 13:01:55 1998