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Bug?: swish-e not indexing words terminated with semicolons??

From: Bill Feidt <wfeidt(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 16:12:15 GMT
Have just set up Swish-E version 1.1 under Solaris SunOS 5.6.

Most everything seems to be working fine, except that swish-e
does not appear to index text words that are terminated with
a semicolon, e.g. given a page containing the following HTML:

  Control of plant growth: application of exogenous 
  plant growth regulators; chemical control of plant 
  height; growth inhibition, retardation, or promotion; 
  control of plant flowering and fruiting: forcing, 
  defruiting, deblossoming; abscission promoters; rooting 
  promotion; chemical or manual pruning: shearing, 
  thinning, pinching, rejuvenation pruning, topping, 
  pollarding, plant sculpturing, bonsai, topiary; 
  plant training: trellising, staking, etc.

Swish-E does not seem to index the words: regulators, promotion,
deblossoming, promoters, or topiary.  All other words from this
excerpt index and retrieve as expected.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Is their a fix or workaround,
short of refraining from using semicolons in text?

Thanks for any possible insight.

Bill Feidt
Received on Wed Jan 28 08:20:25 1998