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swish-e CGI

From: Eli's List Clearing House <lch(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 20:04:21 GMT
I wrote:
> Anyway, I've recently set up a search engine at my site with swish
> and it works pretty well. The sample CGI you provide is lousy, and
> I'll give you a better one (with taint checking and "use strict"
> for perl) if you'll take it.

Several people wrote asking for it.

Uses "-Tw" and "use strict;" to help ensure safer and more reliable code.
If invoked without any CGI query, it prints a blank search form.
It generates a search form on every page with persistent selections to
allow an easier refinement of searches.
It can be configured for selection between multiple databases just by
adding more to a pair of lists.
It will not have problems if a search result includes quotes in
the title.
The HTML is designed to display well on very old browsers.

It requires perl5 and the CGI module from CPAN (
My perl style is sometimes odd, but it is mostly well commented.
There are a number of things that must be configured.
Changing the design of the form is complicated by HTML being strewn
throughout the file.
Public domain.

Received on Tue Jan 27 12:19:49 1998