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It must be something easy

From: Frank <nadm(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 03:14:37 GMT
but I'm lost! Can someone please help. When the CGI script (using the sample
found in the SWISH documentation) returns the results page as in: 

print <<Search_Results;
Swish found the following items, listed in order of computed relevance<BR>
Your Search for <strong>$query</strong>, returned $count Items
foreach (@results) {
   ($stringone, $title, $filesize) = split(/\"/, $_);
   ($rank, $url) = split(/ /, $stringone);
   print "<LI><A HREF=\"$url\">$title</A><BR>\n";

print "</UL>\n";


The $URL takes on the URL returned from the cgiwrap at the ISP as follows: actual path to document

which of course is incorrect. How can I get rid of "cgi-bin/cgiwrap/user"

Greatly appreciate your help.    Frank

PS: The URL of the results page is
Received on Sun Jan 25 19:18:17 1998