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Dots in directory names can make swish-e crash

From: Marcus Haebler <mh(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 14 1998 - 17:48:59 GMT
Hi everyone,

I believe, I just found a bug in swish-e. To reproduce it do this:

	mkdir 13sys.tem6
	touch 13sys.tem6/changes
	touch 13sys.tem6/release-notes

	swish-e -i 13sys.tem6

This results in a segmentation fault. I confirmed this kind of behaviour on 
Linux and
FreeBSD. Even on other systems you should be able confirm this since swish-e 
pretty much like pure C to me.

I used gcc version on Linux and FreeBSD. No -O2 but -g to get some 

I believe that there must be something wrong in the way swish-e handles 
directory names.
The problem is the dot. Replace the dot with an '_' and it works fine. Amazing 
is that
"13system.6"  works!  Any other position of the dot in the name makes it crash. 
bug also exists in the old non-enhanced swish version.

Can someone confirm this behaviour? Since I am not familiar with the source:
could someone either give me a hint, where to look for it or come up with a 

Thanks in advance,

Marcus Haebler

ICS Internet Communication Systems GmbH
Soester Strasse 13        Tel.: +49 251 6060-0
48155 Muenster (Germany)  Fax.: +49 251 6060-190
Received on Wed Jan 14 09:54:44 1998