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Words not getting indexed

From: Jeff Morrow <jmorrow(at)not-real.socrates.berkeley.EDU>
Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 07:24:58 GMT
Hi there.  I just set up a SWISH-E searchable database on a website in the
School of Education.  I have an indexing problem.  Indexing the following

{title}cron test{/title}
{NED}Evidence Description File version 1.0, Copyright (c) 1996 KIE Research

leaves me with an index which does NOT contain the word "cron" anywhere.
This is problematic, since all the files I'm indexing are in the above
format.  I'd like for swish-e to treat all non-letter characters as white
space and index accordingly.  How could I do this?

Unrelated problem: I've set my search engine to use the AND_RULE as the
default.  However, in that case, any search containing a stopword will
automatically produce an empty result, regardless of the other words in the
query.  I got around this issue by setting IgnoreLimit so high that no
stopwords exist.  I'd like a better way around this, though.  Any ideas?

Thanks alot.  Please respond both to the list and via email.  Thanks.

Jeff Morrow
Received on Mon Jan 5 23:34:32 1998