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Swish-e compiled under win95 !???

From: Fulvio Malfatto <fmal(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 16 1997 - 15:19:51 GMT
I tried this madness :
compiling swish-e with DJGPP under whin95 to interface the
new-released aache web server ... don't blame me, I LOVE unix,
but I'am like an explorer and I want to see also the dark zones !

I would like to know if there is theoretically something that does
not allow it to run (I had to strip out the S_IFLNK calls : what are
links?) .... it seems to work correctly !
Thanks in advance !
PS Please e-mail me, firewalls don't like nntp.
Fulvio Malfatto
PortfolioItalia SaS
Received on Tue Dec 16 07:28:02 1997