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Re: [SWISH-E:66] a few quick questions

From: Giulia Hill <ghill(at)not-real.library.berkeley.EDU>
Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 16:43:11 GMT

>    1) I note that in the output of the swish-e stuff, the relevance 
>       scoring seems to have been dropped form the output.  E.g.
>          Score: 1000, Size: 1 kbytes, Type: HTML file
>       Was this a function of the WWWAIS gateway, or part of the 
>       original swish which you all have decided to drop?  I don't 
>       know that I really care -- in most cases the ranking was totally
>       useless anyway.  The filesize indicator was kinda nice though.

In swish-e, as in the swish version from which it was derived, the output 
of a search looks like this:
1000 /home/ghill/swish/dir5/records/53.html "53.html" 182
^^^^                                        ^^^^^^^   ^^^
relevance                                    title    size

>    2) Does swish-e support the "FileRules" directive in the configuration
>       files in the same manner that swish did?  Specifically, I am 
>       interested in using it to avoid certain pathnames and directory 
>       contents.  (I used this with swish to help me index smaller portions 
>       of our overall site.  This allows me to re-index parts of the site
>       which change frequently daily while more static parts of the site 
>       are indexed monthly.  I use cronjobs to merge the index parts into 
>       a master index.  This turned out to be faster with swish than 
>       reindexing six or seven years worth of mailing list archives with 
>       every run...)

Yes, swish-e is basically swish with some bug fixes and some added 
features (META names support, etc).

>    3) Is there a URL you can give me which points me to any on-line 
>       documentation for swish-e?  swish shipped with a set of HTML 

There is a general URL for swish-e at: http://sunsite.Berkeley.EDU/SWISH-E/
The documentation is divided in two parts:
How swish-e is different from swish: 

The manual: http://sunsite.Berkeley.EDU/SWISH-E/manual.html


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