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a few quick questions

From: Craig A Summerhill <craig(at)>
Date: Thu Nov 13 1997 - 00:53:43 GMT
Guilia, Roy, et al.

Great work on swish-e!  I finally got around to downloading it and playing
around with it a bit.  This is very cool.  It seems to index considerably 
faster than swish, and it is a heck of a lot easier to install.  Bravo!

A few (hopefully) quick questions:

   1) I note that in the output of the swish-e stuff, the relevance 
      scoring seems to have been dropped form the output.  E.g.

         Score: 1000, Size: 1 kbytes, Type: HTML file

      Was this a function of the WWWAIS gateway, or part of the 
      original swish which you all have decided to drop?  I don't 
      know that I really care -- in most cases the ranking was totally
      useless anyway.  The filesize indicator was kinda nice though.

   2) Does swish-e support the "FileRules" directive in the configuration
      files in the same manner that swish did?  Specifically, I am 
      interested in using it to avoid certain pathnames and directory 
      contents.  (I used this with swish to help me index smaller portions 
      of our overall site.  This allows me to re-index parts of the site
      which change frequently daily while more static parts of the site 
      are indexed monthly.  I use cronjobs to merge the index parts into 
      a master index.  This turned out to be faster with swish than 
      reindexing six or seven years worth of mailing list archives with 
      every run...)

   3) Is there a URL you can give me which points me to any on-line 
      documentation for swish-e?  swish shipped with a set of HTML 
      files which gave instructions on fine-tuning configuration 
      files, etc.  I fail to see anything like this with the swish-e
      distribution.  (That way, I can avoid future occurances of 
      questions like #2 above.)  AutoSwish is a nice start, especially
      at Perl scripting... but I need to customize the configuration 
      files more and would like to better understand the full range of 
      directives supported there.


   Craig A. Summerhill, Systems Coordinator and Program Officer
   Coalition for Networked Information
   21 Dupont Circle, N.W., Washington, D.C.   20036
   Internet:   AT&Tnet (202) 296-5098
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