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From: Flappy <flapjack(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 07 1997 - 03:02:30 GMT
The script also has a problem involving REMOTE_USER.  It
assumes the browser sends REMOTE_USER field.   I know my Netscape Comun.
4.x doesn't do that.  One should add a snippet of code near the top of
that file that picks a default dummy userid if REMOTE_USER isn't
specified.  If this is not done, autoswish will abort trying to create a
user specific directory for a ConfigFile.

BTW, although the docs mention that swish-e has compiled on Linix, it
didn't mention it running.  Well, I can now confirm that it runs on
Linix.  Pretty slick.

Received on Thu Nov 6 19:15:04 1997