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Re: [SWISH-E:43] Re: Is Swish-e available in Linux?

From: Jim Winstead <jimw(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 05:21:11 GMT
On Oct 24, Robert Lebowitz wrote:
> At 02:49 AM 10/24/97 -0700, Joe Saladino wrote:
> >Is Swish-e available in Linux and if not will it be soon?
> I haven't used Swish in a few months, but I vaguely recall that Guilah's
> code is completely ANSI-C compliant, and would compile on a standard Linux
> box using the GNU gcc compiler.  If I'm wrong, please post your flames here.

It (well, swish, I haven't tested swish-e) compiles just fine out of the box.

> I'm interested in whether Swish would compile with the MS C++ compiler so
> that I could use it on my NT server as well.  I've never used the MS
> compiler, but I'm guessing that because the code is so generic, it should
> work.

Unfortunately, there's some DOS/Unix EOL issues with the index files. You
might be okay if the index files were generated and read by an NT version
of swish. It isn't difficult to fix it so the index files themselves are
portable (at least across operating systems on Intel machines, I haven't
considered any endianness problems, but I don't think there should be
any). Unfortunately, I've got a heavily-hacked version of swish so it's
hard to produce a patch to share. I can try to narrow down where those
changes were if anyone is really interested. It's mostly a matter of
making sure to read the index files in binary mode and avoiding using
char == '\n' tests when reading the header and offsets.

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