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FastCGI version of SWISH-E?

From: Jonathan Roy <roy(at)>
Date: Thu Oct 23 1997 - 12:44:51 GMT
  Yay! Glad to see someone working on SWISH. We run it on the Games Domain
and it has problems now and then with a runaway process.. runs for hours
using all the cpu it back, seems to get stuck in some sort of busy wait in
getfileinfo(). Hopefully SWISH-E already fixed that bug, or at least, if it
still happens it can be fixed. :)

  What I'm really mailing about is fastcgi support. Has anyone set SWISH-E
up to work as a fastcgi process? Sometimes we get a lot of search hits at
once which really hurts the system load, and I'd like to restrict the
search engine to 2-3 processes at most. We've had really great success
running our ad engine and some other tools as fastcgi...

  Anyways, if anyone has worked on this please let me know so I don't
duplicate effort. :) Thanks!


Jonathan Roy - - Idle Communications, Inc.
Received on Thu Oct 23 05:50:57 1997