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Re: [SWISH-E:32] indexing dont work ok

From: Ron Klatchko <ron(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 17:21:14 GMT
Wil Vree wrote:
> help help help
> i've installed swish-e and try to run it. When i specify /home/web
> as th IndexDir in the swish-e.conf then there is no result. If I specify
> a specific html file. the indexing does work. So why dont it work when I
> specify a directory. Why arent the subdirectories indexed as specified in th
> manual. Or should I specify every file to index in a files.conf as stated in
> the manual. (which would be very inconvenient.)

Is there any chance you're using /usr/ucb/cc on Solaris?  I've seen a
problem when using this compiler with the opendir/readdir functions. 
Under cc, the dirent structure is incorrect and the d_name starts two
bytes too early so you lose the first two characters of the file name. 
To see this happen try the following program with /usr/ucb/cc:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <dirent.h>

int main()
    DIR *dir;
    struct dirent *dirent;

    if (!(dir = opendir("."))) {
	return 1;

    while (dirent = readdir(dir)) {

    return 0;

Assuming this is the problem, switch to gcc.

              Ron Klatchko - Senior Software Engineer
         UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management
Received on Wed Oct 22 10:28:27 1997