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indexing dont work ok

From: Wil Vree <wil=vree(at)>
Date: Wed Oct 22 1997 - 13:17:19 GMT
help help help

i've installed swish-e and try to run it. When i specify /home/web
as th IndexDir in the swish-e.conf then there is no result. If I specify
a specific html file. the indexing does work. So why dont it work when I
specify a directory. Why arent the subdirectories indexed as specified in th
manual. Or should I specify every file to index in a files.conf as stated in
the manual. (which would be very inconvenient.)

regards Wil Vree
| Ing. Wil Vree                 | e-mail:  |
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| Universiteit van Amsterdam    |                          |
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Received on Wed Oct 22 06:25:13 1997