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Liberated software announcement

From: Kevin 'Kev' Hughes <kevinh(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 16 1997 - 21:39:58 GMT
	This is an initial announcement to some folks that might be

	Over the last four or so years I developed a variety of
semi-free software at my old place of employment, EIT (Enterprise
Integration Technologies). Although popular and used commercially
in a few products, the software ended up being too much of a hassle
for the company to support. I was effectively the contact person
but never had the time to help integrate changes or even maintain a
discussion list. To make matters worse, EIT was later purchased by
VeriFone, which was later purchased by Hewlett-Packard, and the
software became so meaningless to the company in the scheme of things
that they were not able to figure out what to do with it for some time.
In addition, EIT was dissolved a few months ago, and there will no longer
be a main distribution point for this old software from

	This week I officially received word from VeriFone/Hewlett-Packard's
intellectual properties folks that the following software is now covered
under the GNU General Public License and/or the GNU Library General Public

	An old Web server log analyzer. Has been obsoleted by analog,
	please see:

	An indexing and search engine. Incorporated into O'Reilly's
	WebSite server, plenty of people have used SWISH, perhaps most
	notably Xerox and Intel.
	It is now mostly maintained as SWISH-E (SWISH-Enhanced) at

	A Web interface to WAIS and SWISH search engines.
	Patches can be found at:
	There are lots of Perl-based interfaces to SWISH here and there too.

	An mail archive to HTML convertor.
	Too many people to count have their own modifications to hypermail,
	perhaps most notably the World Wide Web Consortium, Time's Pathfinder,
	Sun, and The Spot (remember them?).

	A Java class that renders custom-made bitmap fonts.

	This means that this software really is free for pretty much any
purpose as long as the source code remains publically and freely available.
Copyright will still be held by VeriFone/Hewlett-Packard, but there are no
longer any various potentially thorny legal issues that people wishing to
make modifications or distribute in products need to worry about. The
license states the policy pretty well, see:

	Much of this software is already distributed through Linux
distribution sites and other FTP/Web sites.

	What next? Over the next few weeks I hope to rework the existing
source code and documentation to reflect the new status. I would eventually
like to put this software and pointers to new maintainers on a new site
at (which is my vanity domain) but it will be a while before
I can get a new machine to get this going.

	VeriFone/HP will now be forwarding all requests regarding this
software through me, which I will likely redirect to one of the various
efforts I described above.


	-- Kevin Hughes
Received on Tue Sep 16 14:48:28 1997