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help on auto swish

From: Pouneh Mortazavi <pouneh(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 09 1997 - 22:35:21 GMT
Hi there. I'm having a few problems using autoswish, and I was wondering
whether anyone can help me. I've installed swish and autoswish fine.
everything works for small, test cases. When I try and index any large
directory.. with subdirectories below it, after a while I get an error
from my browser -'Document contains no data'. Examining the system with
top - I see that although the cgi-bin script has terminated, swish is
styill trying to index all the necessary files.

Has anyone else had this problem? And what can I do about it? Swish is the
most user friendly search engine tool I;ve found.. but I'm having big
problems setting it up.


Pouneh Mortazavi
Received on Tue Sep 9 15:48:48 1997