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Meta Tags

From: Andrew Gfrerer <a.gfrerer(at)>
Date: Mon Sep 01 1997 - 16:41:44 GMT
I seem to have a problem implementing meta tags in searches.
I compiled swish-e from the swish-efiles using the default config.h. I added "MetaNames author title" in the conf file prior to indexing, and have appropriate meta tags in my html documents  yet doing a command line search with the following syntax
swish-e -f index -w "author=gfrerer"  provided no results. Indexing the SwishTest directory files and searching for author=alfonso also yielded no results. All other search options work very well. I have used AutoSwish to generate config files, cgi, and
indexes, but searching for information in metatags also doesn't produce a result.

Any Suggestions?

Andrew Gfrerer
The University of Melbourne Library
Received on Sun Aug 31 16:49:08 1997