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AutoSwish Update

From: Kirk V. Hastings <khasting(at)not-real.library.berkeley.EDU>
Date: Mon Aug 25 1997 - 22:48:44 GMT
Patient Guinea Pigs,

As you all know only too well, there are a few bugs in AutoSwish. I think
I've taken care of all the ones you've found so far:

1. The script now adds the missing bracket in all generated forms:

>The html generated by AutoSwish is missing a left tag before the word INPUT:
><TR ALIGN=CENTER><TD>INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Start Search">
><INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Form">

2. The query construction in the generated cgi scripts for forms with only
one field is now correct:

>Also, after generating an index today using AutoSwish, the resulting
>sample search worked fine, but when I put in on our live system all I
>got was "You must enter a keyword or phrase..." errors. I finally
>compared the .pl file with another working .pl file on our system, and
>found that my new .pl file had something else in the main program
>$query = join (" and ", @query);

3. It is now possible to use AutoSwish to index META tags whose name
includes a ".", essential to implementers of Dublin Core.

>I also came across a problem yesterday that will be of concern to anyone 
>considering the use of Dublin Core elements in META tags. The current 
>specification for embedding DC elements in HTML call for a syntax like this:
><META NAME="DC.title" CONTENT="Title Here">
>Unfortunately, the use of a period in the NAME attribute breaks 

The new version is now available at:



Keep those bugs coming!

Received on Mon Aug 25 15:54:24 1997